Aerial Yoga Classes are limited to 6 participants.  You will have your own silk hammock for a routine that will be both grounded and weightless.  Pre-payment is required to reserve your hammock, and classes are $18, or you can get a 5-pack at $16/class (link and more info below).  Classes are available at three different levels, which can be seen in the videos with descriptions as well.  Keep scrolling for more general information about classes and learn how to check out the schedule and book your hammock.

Level I Aerial Yoga

Great place to begin and/or to enjoy a gently-paced practice.  These classes will include a few optional inversions that are appropriate for beginners.

Level I/II Aerial Yoga

Once you have some experience with the fabric, you may enjoy some moves that require more strength, flexibility and practice.  This class will offer alternatives to make postures more or less challenging.  There will be an expectation that you have used the hammocks before, and you feel comfortable with a few inversions in the fabric throughout the practice.

Level II Aerial Yoga

More flow from pose to pose with the assumption that previous experience with Aerial Yoga will allow you to safely move. This class requires some decent upper body strength, comfort with inversions and a desire to progress with strength and flexibility.  This class is not suitable for individuals with recent injuries or joint mobility issues.  Please discuss your situation with Corinne prior to signing up for this class if you have a physical concern, or if you have not practiced at Yogafied before.

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Silks/hammocks can be used while you are seated, standing or even laying down on the ground. Some poses involve sitting in the hammock to stretch, back-bend or maybe even invert.​​  

In  Aerial Yoga practice you will develop upper body and core strength, stretch more deeply, improve balance, re-enforce correct body alignment, find decompression and traction for the spine, as well as learn about anti-gravity comfort and its soothing results. The Aerial Yoga hammock can be used as a way to increase stability and take pressure out of joints.

You may also be able to enjoy an oscillating inversion practice and all of its benefits to blood flow & blood pressure, as well as its calming effects. 


​It is important to listen closely to advice and cautions from the instructor. You will be asked to disclose medical information and sign a release before your first class.  Weight limit in a group class is 250lbs per hammock, but you can practice if you weigh more than 250lbs in private sessions, as there may be a need to modify some moves for comfort and safety in the hammocks - over 350lbs will not be able to put full body-weight in the hammock but can still use it as a supportive prop during private sessions.  If you are pregnant, a healthy first trimester can do a Level I or I/II class - second or third trimester should come for a private session where the use of the hammock can be tailored to your needs.  Must be 18 or older, ages 13-17 can come to a lesson with their legal guardian present.​​​

Pre-Payment Required $18


You can purchase a 5-pack and save $2 per class -- the 5-pack must be used within 8 weeks.

CANCELLATION POLICY: 24 hours notice required for 100% reschedule or refund.  As a small business, time to fill your vacancy is needed and appreciated. Thank you!

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