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Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

July 19th - 21st (Fri-Sun)


Sept 27th - 29th (Fri-Sun)


This is a program is a weekend intensive for existing yoga teachers who would like to add a string to their bow.  The hammocks are amazing props when used safely and with yogic awareness and intention.

You will learn:

Beginner Aerial Yoga postures, stretches, strengtheners, flowing sequences, restorative poses and floating meditations.

You will receive:

Training Manual, 22 Training Hours, Snacks, Certificate of Completion  

Select EITHER: July 19th - 21st (Fri-Sun) or Sept 27th - 29th (Fri-Sun) 

Typical Schedule:

Friday 10am - 6pm

Saturday 10am - 6pm

Sunday 10am - 4pm

This is a program is a weekend intensive, meaning that you will need to already be a trained yoga teacher, so that the focus can be on technique and safety in adding silk yoga hammocks to your teaching practices.  The hammocks are amazing tools for enhancing core control, upper body strength and alignment awareness in all postures.  Hammocks can take strain out of joints and make some postures more accessible or more challenging - depending on how they are used.  They are also a way to add playfulness and joy to each class!  The training manual you take with you, your notes and some photos of the day - will help you to recall what you've learned once you are back in your own studios.  There may be future teaching opportunities at Yogafied - and you will be invited to use the studio to teach some practice classes if you like (these Seva classes are free for attendees). 

Review and/or Fill In Application Now

Your instructor is Corinne Andrews - a classically trained yoga teacher of 13+ years, who added aerial yoga to her privately owned Yogafied studio 2.5+ years ago.  You can read more about her and Yogafied here.

More information can be found on the application, and you are welcome to contact Corinne with any questions: 719-439-6487 text or call (please leave a vm), if you prefer email.  Thank you!

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