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Yogafied Life Retreat


9/23/18 & 4/27/19 - S.M. - Connect Women's Retreat & Ahh's & Zzz's Retreat

I learned so much about myself! I came for the aerial yoga, but got so much more... I always meet new like-minded people and have made some wonderful friendships. Corinne is fabulous in creating a safe & warm environment for optimal learning and expression.

4/27/19 - J.J. - Ahh's & Zzz's Retreat

I've done yoga in the past, but Corinne is the first teacher I've made a point of practicing with regularly. She came into my life during a time when I really needed to change things. She's an excellent teacher who focuses as much on the "internal" work we all need to do as the physical aspects of practice.

8/19/18 - C.H. - Connect Women's Retreat

An amazing weekend retreat with amazing women. Taking home new perspectives and ideas and friendships.

9/23/18 - S.N. - Connect Women's Retreat

Corinne is an amazing facilitator! She allowed for spontaneity, casual conversations & personal space while also gently keeping us on track & facilitating meaningful activities. I will definitely be joining another one of Corinne's retreats!

11/11/18 - J.B. - Wonder Retreat

This was such a fun experience! Itw was great to laugh and play through yoga classes with like-minded individuals. I feel relaxed and full of wonder :-)

4/27/19 - D.M. - Ahh's & Zzz's Retreat

I have never done yoga. Ever... This has impacted me like I did not expect. Honestly, you have given me a pivot point that will change my life. Thank you for your energy!

8/19/18 - D.C. - Connect Women's Retreat

This retreat was exactly what I needed, and even more valuable than I had hoped. Throughout the weekend I was able to explore, move, learn and rest in the suppportive company of some amazing women.

4/27/19 - S.P. - Ahh's & Zzz's Retreat

Awesome experience! I adored the way humor was brought into the educational format as well as optimal time to learn meditation techniques.

8/19/18 - C.S. - Connect Women's Retreat

Laughter, stories, healthy movement, connecting with other beautiful women... many "aha" moments of exploration and experience... we all need this!

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